COVID-19 Updates

​Lee Township is actively engaged in keeping to date with federal, state and local guidelines in response to the COVID-19 virus.

Below you will find the most recent updates and information on how to keep you and your family safe regarding the evolving situation regarding COVID-19.

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Sanitizing Mister Available

Sanitizing Mister Available

We have a sanitizing mister available to spray down all public areas of the community center. We will be spraying all tables, chairs, doors, and any other area where human contact is made after each rental. This mister is also going to be available on a scheduled calendar to all our local businesses who would like to have their public areas sanitized. Please call Kris McPeek @ 740-213-6218 for more information.

Fire Department Hall Rental Closed to Public

Community Center Guidelines Regarding COVID-19

Our Community Center follows the guidelines put out by the Governor of the State of Ohio.

We recommend that each renter follow the protocol of:

    1. Wearing masks
    2. Maintaining 6′ distance from others
    3. Check your guests’ temperatures and ask if they have come in contact or been exposed to anyone with Covid-19
    4. Hand Sanitizers made available to all guests
    5. Follow-up your event with sanitizing procedures.